“Table Monitor” Screen size:   

1a. Writing or Importing Raw Data

Write your raw tabular data in the yellow text area below. You can also retrieve raw data from the clipboard, or select a ready-made demonstration table for a test run.

1b. Converting Data into a Navigable Table

Convert your raw data into a navigable table. The table is presented in tab #2. If your table is comma delineated, please prepare your conversion using the tab signs indicator.

2. Selecting Fields for Calculations

Select an item in the table. Now select your manipulations or calculations. Manipulations are sent to the clipboard, whereas calculations are presented in tab #3.

Column (x)      Row (y)  

Value (Δ)  

3. Reviewing Results

Review your results from your calculations in the yellow text area below. You can also send the results to a printer friendly page (a new window will open for this purpose).

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